Friday, October 26, 2012


 It's my 4 year Anniversary people!!! I can't wait to relax and get in some good one on one time with my honey this weekend! We are heading to Des Moines! Hello french food, shopping, movies, and kissing!
 I'm nervous to buy new clothes when i'm not at my goal weight, but you know what?? I don't care. I want to feel beautiful and stylish now! Sometimes i hold back buying new clothes not because of the money but because i think,
 only skinny girls look great in that trend, maybe once im "skinny" i'll buy those jeans/leggings/dresses/boots/ etc.....
I've decided not anymore! When you have confidence you are less likely to fall into poor eating, and excisise habits. Here is an example haha....You feel like you look smoking hot in your tight buckle jeans and sexy riding boots, and your coworker brings in cookies and you think to yourself,
no thanks im feeling sexy in my jeans today.
Dumb reasoning? I don't know maybe others don't think this way but i do! I am stronger and more able to stick to my goals when i feel like i am on top of the world. And fasion does that to me. It's my industry, it's who i am. I need to embrace it at any size. So there you have it girls, i'm going to start loving my body, and dressing in a way that makes me confident and HAPPY! Curves and all! I'm so excited to shop!!! My poor husband! haha
Anyway....I am finished with my 10 days of the South Beach Dietish eating plan. And.....
 I weighed in at 155lbs!!! I was SUPER mad. I mean what the freak is wrong with me!?? I didn't eat carbs and stuck to my 1200cal limit and didn't lose ONE single lbs! Last time i did this i lost 8! I had weighed four days into the diet (even though i said i wouldn't ha) and was down to 152lbs! And now back up to 155lbs? I pouted about it for a couple hours, but then started to wonder....what if my body is in starvation mode? So I decided I would up my calories to 1500 and see what happens! It's only been two days of eating 1500 and look what happened!!!! Maybe its a coincidence, maybe its not. Only time will tell! So take that 154lbs! I hope I've busted through that platoue(sp)?! Next week I'm going to post an intro to clean eating! I'll share some of my favorite clean packaged foods!! I hope you all have a great weekend! I know I will ;)


Jessica said...

Good for you. We have to learn to embrace what we have and rock our current body!

Can't wait to read your clean eating info. I want to eat clean but am overwhelmed by it all. I need to know where to start!!

Lauryn Roth said...

what a beautiful pic!! Happy Anniversary!!! You get your shop on girl!! I totally agree with you !! :)

Anonymous said...

I nominated you for the for the Liebster Award!!

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