Thursday, October 18, 2012


Hey Ladies!!
I'm happy to report that my little "diet" is going great! I haven't weighed yet. I'm waiting until next Wed. I even had my husband hide the scale from me, haha, I wanted to weigh yesterday soooo bad! Even though it had only been 3 days! I think i can tell a difference in my ribcage! There is more of a difference between my boobies and my body, haha.
You know this diet isn't as hard as i thought it would be! I think its because for the past 6 months i've really tried to make my eating a "lifestyle" change. I've tried to naturally limit my carbs, and i have 100% switched to whole wheat for everything! Cookies, Cakes, Muffins, Pasta, Bread you name it! I've been eating clean/all natural products. So the only difference is after these 10 days i will incorporate a little more carbs into my day. Yay!
I made the most delish taco boats the other night for dinner, and took step by step pictures! I'll post the recipe soon!
In other news......i got a new JOB! I just got offered the Store Manager position at CosmoProf!!
(a professional beauty supply)
I am soooo excited! I worked full time for them back in Salt Lake City and really enjoyed it! Getting to be the Manager is going to ROCK! I love the daycare, and will miss the kids a ton, but it will be so nice to be back in my industry! Not to mention getting my discount and free product again! YES! I will be working 40hrs a week, so i'm a little nervous. This past year i averaged 30hrs a week and loved it, i had time to cook and clean and workout, and grocery shop. Hopefully i will just enjoy myself so much that i wont even notice the 10hr difference. Plus i lost more weight working full time then i have working part time! whats up with that? It will be awesome to make like 3times as much mula as well. Maybe i can start saving up for a baby?? I've heard they're expensive. ;)
Anyway I hope you all have had a great week! I'll post the Taco Boats recipe this weekend!


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