About Us

We are a team of family and friends who decided to go on an adventure together to change our lifestyle to a natural, clean, real, super fit, and bare one. A 100 day real food challenge, and heavy lifting workouts are where our adventures start.

Malarie is 26 years old, 5' 4" and a happy, giddy, newly wed. She currently resides in Idaho, working full time in an office setting. She describes herself as quirky, passionate and somewhat eccentric. She's part hippie , a secret nerd and a complete girly girl. Some of her favorite things include: Her adorable Husband, kisses in the rain, her amazing family, anything vintage, burlap, pinterest, building castles in the sky and thanks to her husband- fantasy books. She enjoys making things with her hands including homemade soaps, clothes and any craft where she feels challenged. The hardest thing she feels she has to give up on the 100 day challenge is Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcakes.

Meggan is a 5'5" girly girl Cosmetologist who currently resides in Iowa. She does hair, helps teach preschoolers at a daycare, and works the snack shop at a golf course. All to keep herself busy while putting her husband through law and mba school. This October will be her 4 year anniversary! She describes herself as fun loving, passionate, playful, animal loving, and adventure savvy. Her favorites are: her hubby, pinterest, taking naps, traveling, eating at new restaurants, feeding wild animals, watching sports, golf, and shopping! The hardest thing she has had to give up during her Eating Clean journey has been Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcakes.


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