Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back in the Midwest!!

Wow what a crazy summer i had!! It was full of fun! We enjoyed being in the humidity-less West! We went everywhere from Connecticut, Utah, Las Vegas, to Idaho! Normally on a two week vacation i would gain at least 10lbs so i was really worried to be gone for a whole 10 weeks!! That's 50lbs at that rate!! haha! I tried really hard to stay active, hit up gyms whenever possible, and watch what i was eating. Doing the "Real Food" Diet really helped keep myself in check! I ended up only gaining 4lbs, and i'm happy to report that after being home 2 weeks i and down the 4lbs! Woo Hoo!
 I am starting at square one again! I'm still trying to stick to Clean/Real Eating as much as possible! I'm not a Nazi with it, if i was i'd probably last two weeks, get bored and give up. I want my clean eating to be a lifestyle change!! This past week i renewed my gym membership! I'm super excited to start using it everyday!    The last two weeks have been hard on my working out routine, I've had 50 hour weeks on top of getting my house unpacked, but this next week should be better! As far as working out goes i still plan on lifting heavy weights along side cardio training. I love and am using her for motivation and tips! I plan on posting before pictures soon! eeek! Don't say i didn't warn you! I also have a lot of new recipes to add! I'll be posting more regular now that i'm done playing! Until then here are some pictures from my summer!

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