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 My workouts are a mix between muffin-topless.com's and my husband's. These aren't set in stone. Some days I have more energy and can push through an extra 20 mins of cardio or a couple more sets, and some days i can't. I generally just go off of how my body feels. I've been trying to get in 6 days of workouts with my rest day on Sunday. When i lift weights i lift as heavy as i can, its better for you and much faster than doing vain reps with light weights. I want to build muscle not just muscle endurance. For more info on women lifting heavy weights visit http://muffin-topless.com/2012/06/23/3-weight-lifting-myths-debunked/     

warm up with 10-30 mins of cardio
3-12 sidways squats
3-12 lunges
3-12 db squats
3-20 calf raises
3-12 hip abductor
3-12 inner thigh press
3-12 leg press
3-12 leg curls
3-12 leg extensions
cool down with 10 mins of cardio

warm up with 20-30 mins of cardio
3-12 bent over rows with db
3-12 bench db
3-12 lateral raises db
3-12 lat pull downs
3-12 biceps curl db
3-12 overhead press db
3-12 triceps dip db
cool down with 10-20 mins of cardio

HIIT (high intense interval training)
warm up with 2 min walk
alternate sprint for 30 sec on, speed walk 1 min 30 off for 25-30 mins
speed walk at a steep incline for 5-10 mins
elliptical or bike at a mod speed for 10-15 mins
cool down 5 mins

Abs and Back-
warm up with 10-30 mins of cardio
4-12 ab pull down
3-12 rows
3-12 oblique pulls
3-12 lower back dips
cool down with 10-20 mins of cardio


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