Saturday, November 17, 2012


It's been two weeks since my last blog post!! SAD! A lot has gone on in this life of mine!
I started my new job! I am officially the store manager at Cosmo Prof beauty supply! Last week i went five hours away to Lincoln Nebraska for training! I learned a lot and gained confidence for my role as manager. This is my first experience in management. This job is really going to stretch me as a person, I think i will get a lot of life experience from it. Which will be good for giving advice as a mother one day.
 I ate out all 3 meals for 5 days people! Luckily I worked out in the hotel gym three of the days. I think that is what saved me! I did try and order healthyish meals. I tried to stick to Panera instead of hitting up McDonald's for every meal. I am proud to still be weighing in at 153lbs!
This past week was my first week on the job as manager. Oh and guess what, the auditor showed up. On my SECOND day people!! Luckily the auditor was a late 20's something year old boy/man carrying a monster energy drink and all. Thank Goodness!!! I'd like to think it was my amazing good looks that helped my unorganized store get such a high score! He went easy on me this time! I'm so glad it wasn't some never been married 50 year old feminist woman who hates life that showed up for the audit! I have never been as stressed as i have been the past 3 weeks. I feel bad for my husband. He is amazing for being so sweet and helpful. I think once i get the store running smoothly that i will enjoy it. Wish me luck!
Anyway.......Guess how many times I've worked out in the past 3 weeks since starting my new job? 3!!
 Three stinking times! I'm having a hard time fitting it in. I have been working 7:30-4:00 and then cutting hair at night every night this week. Did you know that the week before Thanksgiving is one of a hair stylist's busiest times of the year? Random fact for you! The first time i lost my weight i did it while working 40 hour weeks. I just need to do it no excuses! How do you working ladies fit in your workouts? XOXO Meg


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